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I Have The CAPITAL and PRODUCTS But You Can Share In The Profits If You Want?

Here’s the Information You Requested to Show

How You Can Make Lots of Money without working


Dear Friend,


Today, I am going to share with you just how you can earn at least an extra N40,000 monthly for life without owning any product or having any capital.


You remember when you were a kid; you did nothing, slept most of the time and even did things that continually annoyed your parents.


But end up sharing everything they own…

  • Their time
  • Their wealth
  • Their happiness
  • All of their resources
  • Their space and so on…


Oh, I almost forgot…you actually didone thing.




And that was being their child and looking cute most of the time


Do you also remember that one friend you had while growing up?Who always shows up right after the whole work had been done and just sits to eat the food, share in the gain which you have labored over for hours to get together.


This he could do because he was your friend.


Wellfor me, i remember vividly this one teacher, we taught together during my university days.


It so happens then, that when I was on holidays, I would come to this particular tutorial to teach.


There were five of us teaching the junior class and we all happen to have attended this same tutorial at different times though,when we were all preparing to gain admission to tertiary institution.


But here was the beautiful thing about this place…


Our daily pay was dependent on the number of students and teachers that were present that day.


So every one of us teachers would silently pray either for huge turnout of students or that something came up that would somehow prevent the other teacher from showing up.


But there was this particular teacher, tall and huge who always showed up an hour to the close of the day.


We would all have been happy and relaxed, thinking to ourselves that today’s pay would be a little better or substantial…


But just as we were getting comfortable…


Then voila…


He shows up smiling and greeting everyone, asks to teach a combined class for the last hour.


We all would reluctantly agree, grumbling to ourselves but there was nothing that we could do…




Because he wasour friend


Wesimply worked our black asses off, just for a guy to waltz in, do a little speech talk in form of teaching to the student.


And when it is time to receive the day’s pay, we all get the same thing…


Bad for us but good for him, right?




  • How would you feel if you could have a friend like that now, with everything going on with the world?


  • Having someone stand in the gap for you while you worry about other stuff?


  • Won’t it be nice to have a friend who has done all the hard work but allows you to share in the profit?


Sounds too good to be true right?


Well, today is your lucky day as you are in for the biggest shock of your life if you stick with me till the end.


PRODUCTS THAT PAYS (PROPAYS) is a website that sells lifestyle products to its users across the globewiththese products delivered to their various desired destinations.

PROPAYS also run adverts for other businesses, shares post and news on the website due to the huge traffic it generates.


Our products are one which makes life easier and even more fun for you (My Friend) to live on your own terms.

  • Do you know that you can sleep soundly without having to worry about mosquitoes?
  • Do you know that you can get the girl or man of your dreams even when you have not brushed your teeth?
  • Do you know that you can get ready for your travel with only your clothes and still have toiletries sorted out?
  • Do you know that you can worry less about raising your hands in public?
  • And so on..


On PROPAYS, our products which are offered for sale at affordable prices take care of that for you as a good friend would.


I know you are already wondering how any of this means you get to live the good life without having to lift a muscle.


Well, I got you, so to the interesting part about PROPAYS that matters to YOU!!!


The product PROPAYS sells is the hustle, it is the reason why we are up and running with all hands on deck, making andtaking calls, stocking up goods, managing staffs, making deliveries twice weekly and paying our staff.


But as every good friend would do, PROPAYS has taken away the stress, the risk and has done everything for you.


You are here just to share in the mouthwatering profits that we make…


But how?


That’s where you come in. All you have to do is tell people how good PROPAYS is and convince them to check and try our product.


Now, you may be asking yourself “why don’t you do that yourself?” That’s a fair question. I could and have done that already, with this letter to you but I would like to reach out to more people.


And who is better qualified, if not my friend?


Here’s how it works.


What I need are friends who are willing and committed to help me make more friends.


And you get N1,000 for every single person you refer that buys from PROPAYS and that’s not all…


As a way of providing more value and helping you earn more on our website, you get:

  • A free membership account with us
  • 1000 Activity points the moment you sign up.
  • 100 Activity points for daily visits to the website
  • 3 Activity points on each post you read
  • 100 Activity points for posting relevant news or jokes on the site…
  • Chance to win in our Weekly quiz and cash giveaways on the website or our facebook group
  • Opportunity to be a part of our Referral contests once a month with the winner award cash price of N20,000
  • 10% Commission on everypaid adverts you bring to us.


The amount earned by you for introducing someone to purchase our products and your activities on the website can be withdrawn from your dashboard into your bank accounts provided that you have referred up to at least 3 users to buy product from us.

I know you will find my profit-sharing plan very generous.


Here’s An Example of

How Much Money You Can Make


Let’s say that over a period of a month you refer 20 newfriendswho buy any of our products. You get N1,000 for each one. That’s N20,000.00.


You also visit the daily (3,000), read the news (4,000) and share sponsored post every day in a month (3,000) totally 10,000 points easily convertible to cash.


If you get to bring a paid advert for example N100,000, you get 10% as commission so you have an extra N10,000


Now, let’s add up the totals.

We paid you N20,000 for referring 20users, anotherN10,000 for your activities on the site and N10,000 for bringing paid advert.


That totals gives anamazing…

N40,000.00 for YOU!!!


And that’s just to reduce the numbers has you can earn way more than that.


Where else can you make this much money easily, just talking and making more friends?


And that’s not all. As a bonus for being one of ourreferrers you get compensated as a means of further motivation….


BRONZE USERS: The first level is for users that have gotten up to 50 paid out referrals, you stand a chance at this level to win either Pressing iron, Blender or an Electric kettle


SILVER USERS: When you have 150 paid out referrals,you stand a chance at this level to win either AStanding Fan or a Ceiling Fan, Game Console or a Mini Air Conditioner


GOLDEN USERS: When you get 250 paid out referrals, you stand a chance at this level to win eitherAn exclusive sound system, A microwave, A mini washing machine or a mini water dispenser


AMBASSADORS: At this level,users with up to 500 referrals stand a chance to win a Generator,a plasma tv set, a Refrigerator, or amobile phone(Tecno or Infinix) and there is also an option of claiming the cash prize which is equivalent to the amount of the listed items entitled to this level.


EXECUTIVE USERS: This level is for users with up to 1000 referrals, they stand to win an iphone 7plus, an air conditioner, a complete set of home theatre or a brand new laptop


PRO EXECUTIVE USERS: Users who have gotten up to 2500 referrals stand a chance to win an Air conditioner plus generator or a laptop plus a new mobile phone.


CHIEF EXECUTIVE USERS: When you get up to 5000 referrals users, you stand a chance to win a new motorcycle, a brand new iphone 11 pro max plus a brand new Samsung S10+


VETERAN/MASTER: When you have up to 10,000 referrals, you have proven that you more than a user and we would also like to appreciate you for that and the best way we can do that is withA BRAND NEW CAR.


As a good friend, who has your best interest at heart and doesn’t want to impose on you in anyway.

We decided that you can get your PRIZES IN FORM OF CASH if that’s what you want…


Now tell me, isn’t that great?


Now you can ask me how to get access to all these benefits…


It’s Easy to Do…


Just register for our GOLD PLANof N4000 on the website.


Why do we charge a this fee? Severalreasons, actually.


First, we want to make sure that we attract only seriousand committed people. Without this fee we would attract a lot of “wanna-bes”who would end up costing us a lot of money, without moving anyproduct at all. It’s only when you have something invested inyour future that you are likely to take it seriously enough to do something.


Secondly, buying our products helps you to experience firsthand what the product does which makes it easier for you to tell others about it.


Another reason for the fee is so we can provide youwith the kind of support and training you’ll need to succeed ingetting referrals easily.


When you become our FRIEND, we send you a PDF FILE that gives you the Secrets to getting referrals.

We show you all the different ways you can useto refer people to us.


As a way of giving back to the society due to this trying times that we all are in, and in a bid of being an even better friend….


We are also introducing a SILVER PLAN, where you register with N2,000and get:


  • A free membership account with us
  • 500 Activity points the moment you sign up.
  • 50 Activity points for daily visits to the website
  • 3 Activity points on each post you read
  • 50 Activity points for posting relevant news or jokes on the site…


We are introducing this package to help you take advantage of this lucrative offer and remove all forms of money barrier that might have been hindering you.


With all of this information, the only way you get MONEY fears is IF YOU DO NOT ACT ON IT!!!


And if you’re not going to do anything with it, you shouldn’t become a friend. But that’s whyI’m charging N4,000 for the Gold PlanN2,000 for the silver plan.


The way I figure it, if you invest some of your own money in becoming a friend, you are much more likely to actually put my methods to work.


And I know that if you do act on this information and you put in the work to get referrals, then you should have triple of the money you invested by month end. In fact, I guarantee it!!!




  • If after buying the product, use it for a period of 30 days and it does not deliver has I have said?
  • If after referring people, being active on the website, and doing everything the right way and you don’t get paid?


You will get your money back plus a 50% profit (N2,000) on it with an apology letter for misleading and wasting your time.


All the risk is mine.


Act quickly so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Act right NOW, while you have decided to participate.


P.S. – Remember the example I showed you where you can makeN40,000.00 without any selling or even talking to anyone on thephone. Don’t you agree that I was being conservative in myestimates of the number of people involved? That’s what makesthis opportunity so attractive. We want to make it EASY for youto succeed and we’ll do everything within our power to help youwhen you join us. The first step is yours. You MUST act whilewe still have the heartfor friendship.

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